About NLD

Hi there!

I'm a mom of four, former single mom, and stroke survivor. I believe that God blessed me with many stages of life and experiences so that I could help others with my journey.  While being a single mom of four, I needed to find a way to create and maintain a routine, keep track of the expenses of everyday life, and keep up with everyone's schedules.  It was a learning process that led me to MANY planners and notebooks. Through trial and error, I was able to do what I needed to. The simple task of organizing my thoughts onto pen and paper was one of the consistent and stable things in our lives at the time. It guided me into planning our future, writing down the goals and dreams I had for our little family. One day a forever home, one day financial stability, and one day a small business of my own. 



Here you will find the stationary tools you can use to move your own dreams into plans and your plans into action.


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