The Zone

Let's talk about "The Zone". This section in the "All the Things" planner allows you to organize YOUR WAY. You know what you need, and this is YOUR space for it. 

Having four children, I designed a way for me to keep up with them all, each and every week. I would list their names across the top of the page and simply jot down their activities to coordinate with day of the week. 

I have also used this to schedule out my social media posts with each provider written across the top of the page. Perhaps you're a student and you need a way to keep track of your classes, assignments, or special events.  Teachers, you can use this in so many ways to help monitor or document assignments/activities/ things to do. 

The versatility of this section is only limited by your imagination. This is just one steppingstone of your new and improved organized life with this planner. 

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